There may be a nagging question looming over you when you feel a sense of uneasiness at work. The dilemma, is it time for a new job? The predicament can be somewhat daunting with many factors and consequences to consider. As it relates to your career and development, there is a way to assess your current situation.

Think of your company as a ladder where you are hopefully on a well-planned ascension. On the ladder, one of the verticals represents your company’s goals, growth plans, and organizational strategies. The other vertical serves as your career and development goals. The horizontal rungs connecting the verticals represent developmental and advancement opportunities that connect your career goals with the company’s offerings for you.

When the verticals are connected and parallel like a traditional ladder, then there is synergy creating an opportunity for you to step, develop and ascend solidly. All things are moving together in the same consistent direction.

When the two verticals are no longer parallel, and there is a break in a rung, then goals and opportunities are unmet and unaligned. As a result, chances for advancement and development are in question, and the achievement of your goals becomes a challenge. In general, most people leave jobs because of a lack of development, opportunity, advancement, recognition, or management engagement. When you have reached your ability to climb higher on your company’s ladder, then it may be time to find another ladder to climb.